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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Radio One Goes International

Radio One is going International and the leading Radio Station has changed to the International formats in two biggest cities of India-Delhi and Mumbai. Radio One 94.3 will now target English Speaking Indians with International outlook. The leading channel will focus on the change in content in most all major cities in India, mainly Bangalore and Hyderabad while Delhi and Mumbai has already been announced as the International.

Managing Director of Radio One Ltd Mr. Vineet Singh Hukmani says that the change is not done overnight. This move is result of deep research and the fact the audience is bored of the same kind of TOO MANY radio channels. We will now be focusing educated and people with great outlook. It’s time to change and Radio One 94.3 will provide people a chance to improve their knowledge. Radio One 94.3 will target well-profiled audience who always look forward. A major change will be advertisers and revenues. Radio One believe that the revenue will grew up and time will come with new bonding and partnerships.

What will be Impact of RJ’s? Well as the Radio One is changing its concept, new personalities will be introduced and they will not called Radio Jockey anymore, they will be the “Host”. They will introduce different and new values to the media. Content will be main focus and all the non-musical part will be of high quality and fresh. This will be a great chance for the advertiser who look for this specific audience but are sucked because of lack of options available.

Will Other Stations go International? The answer is No. International segments are launched only for Delhi and Mumbai cities. Though there will be some changes in format and content, but it will remain same now. But Radio One 94.3 is looking forward for new possibilities.


Chinx said...

Its a great step to the future of international music!! Really appreciate the effort to do something different from the same old bollywood songs! All the best !! :)

pshant said...

People its really great to play some cool songs.
But can you please play something awesome but underrated?
Well, Poets of the Fall is one of the best bands ever and rarely anyone listens to them.
So please play them on your radio channel.
Give them a chance

carPE DIEmM said...

I love the great 70's rock and roll music being played on the station however it would be great if you guys include skid row,steelheart and some other underrated,non repititive music and the rock and roll scene in India during the 60's,thanks.

Henery Mark said...

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Krishna Nair said...

I hv listen to it many times, your team is doing really a great job. Now atleast v r getting updated of international news.

Ruchi Verma said...

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Aditi Jain said...

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Sujatha Kowalczyk said...

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